Blueberries and Cannabis

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Blueberries and Cannabis

Blueberry Cannabis flower

If I liked blueberries, which I do, I might order some from a supermarket or if I see some in a local market I might buy some that someone has grown.

If I fancied blueberry jam I would either again, buy some from a store or some locally produced product.

I like blueberry jam, it can be time consuming to make but I could use the blueberries I sourced from someone.

A cheaper alternative would be to grow some blueberries and process some jam. If I were really good at it and grew some juicy organic blueberries and a really tasty end product I might want to label this and sell on the market where I once purchased this jam or the blueberries.

I like cannabis too. I'm not allowed to get this from the UK supermarket. I am not even able to get this on a typical UK street market. I'm not even allowed to grow my own.

Cannabis is widely used in cuisine and edibles are a popular product to produce and sell. From cupcakes and tea or some cannabis ice cream cannabis is very useful in the kitchen.

It has been used in recipes for thousands of years and it can be very beneficial for our health.

I'm able to grow, consume and even sell blueberries, why an unable to do this with cannabis? After all my need for cannabis is much greater than my need for blueberry jam.