Anthony Bevington

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Anthony Bevington

The 80 year old gardner, punished for gardening.

How is it that in 2020 we are denying an 80 year old man with stage 3 kidney failure a better quality of life.

Tony Bevington, who is 80 this March, says that he fears growing another plant for medical use and this is leaving him with no option but to deteriorate at his frail age.

Tony Bevington

After finding relief with cannabis oil, Tony started to gain a better quality of life. The extortionate prices that private clinics charge and the risk of buying from the black market has left this man no option but to cultivate his own medication.

Being a horticulturist, Tony is well experienced with growing plants and as a pastime this provides him with great therapeutic benefits. After setting up his first grow in his garage, neighbours raised concerns and he was sadly busted.

He was then offered a warning or a drug rehab course. Considering that Tony is not using cannabis because he is an addict but trying to benefit his quality of life this is an unsuitable ultimatum.

With his health starting to get worse, Tony gave it one more attempt before he was again reported and again had his equipment taken, leaving a few empty pots.

Tony has had no paperwork from the offences let alone a court date and he says he is fearing what is going to happen and if he grows again there could be harsher consequences.

With no helpful advice from his GP and being left confused with the authorities he has no one but the cannabis community to turn to. The support from compassion clubs in the county is giving him some fight but why should he be fighting?

This man should be enjoying his final years doing something that he enjoys whilst providing a better quality of life instead of putting strain on the NHS and costing them more with treatment that could make his illness worse.

Who wants to spend their time on earth back and forth to court for trying to live a better quality of life, at any age let alone an 80 year old?

In a statement, Tony says that his actions were not criminally intended and that he produced adequate for his illness.

He also adds that with his home produced medicine he is seeing a reverse in his medical readings, leaving him in little or no pain and he has a better quality of life.

Tony has been left in fear of growing a plant, been left confused by our authorities and let down by the NHS and our government still think that it is fair to treat our children and elderly like this.

Please share with as many cannabis support groups and help raise awareness of Tony's story.