Cannabis and Mental health

Cannabis and Mental health

Are you struggling with your mental health?

A lot of people are feeling the pressure right now and we want to help.

Help Me Hemp's founders both struggle with mental health conditions and they set up the support group to help people understand how cannabis products can help with a range of conditions.

Right now we are seeing a bigger mental health crisis than what the effect of the first world war had on us. With this pressure and conditions like depression and anxiety creeping up, we need to tackle the issue now before it wrecks havoc with many peoples lives.

Stress, anxiety and depression are all feelings that can lay the foundations for many health conditions, including cancer. Right now we are in a state of panic and the fight or flight response that we are all collectively experiencing can cause more health concerns than the reason for this panic.

Can cannabis help?

Cannabis has long been controversial and part of the stigma and its main concern to many with regards to a change in law is the mental health conditions such as paranoia or schizophrenia that it apparently causes.

The truth is, high THC content, the chemical known for its psychoactive effects, is not only essential for a wide range of conditions but it can also help with many mental health conditions.

PTSD for example, THC has been shown to be effective as it suppresses memories and can halt flashbacks. THC can affect people at different levels. We all have a tolerance and once this has been reached it can start to have negative or unwanted side effects, this is usually passed within a few hours.

You can bring the effect of THC down by also using a CBD product such as oil. So it's fair to say that there are more benefits to consuming cannabis for mental health conditions than risks. Just remember, start slow and low as you would with CBD. 

What about CBD on it's own?

There are two types of cannabis receptors that we know of  CB1 and CB2. They are found in abundance throughout our body and brain. CBD will bind to these receptors and can help with a range of conditions including anxiety.

Many studies have shown that CBD has been effective in reducing anxiety and can help people manage their mental health symptoms much better. 

How Do I Use CBD?

CBD is available in many forms including oil and vape fluid. Many people find the taste of oil not too pleasant and when they put this under their tongue they find having a sweet or chocolate button in their mouth can help ease the taste.

Alternatively, oil can be purchased in capsules. This helps if you can't stand the taste but it also reduces the amount of CBD and increases the time it takes to have an effect.

Cream can be a miracle product if you suffer from headaches. Just apply a small amount to each temple and feel the headache ease.

Many people find the most effective way to deal with their anxiety is to have a baseline daily dose of 20mg and use a vape for instant availability if your anxiety peaks for any reason.

So whether you find using Cannabis with or without THC it is worth a try to see if it can ease your symptoms. 

Many people find horrible side effects which can potentially lead to other health conditions when using orthodox medicines, so why not try a natural approach.