Why Won't The UK Legalise Cannabis?

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Why Won't The UK Legalise Cannabis?

Taxpayers could save almost £900m each year if the UK were to legalise cannabis.

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Cannabis activists and advocates like myself have been fighting for the freedom to access a plant of great medicinal value not only for ourselves but every human as it is their right to cultivate and consume this plant.

Patients have screamed at the government to access a natural alternative to alleviate their pain and parents have broken the law to save their children’s lives and to stop the suffering that many children with conditions such as Dravet syndrome face every day. This led to the legalisation of “medical cannabis” in the UK which is still a fight to access for many people.

This however is not the answer and more of an opportunity to profit even more from a natural plant which we should all have the freedom to cultivate and consume. How many lives have been lost because this alternative treatment was not available? One is too many, so why do the UK government still believe the lies of the past and continue to enforce a law which goes against our human rights?

Nearly £900m. That’s why. Research from Taxpayers Alliance shows us how much the taxpayers would save annually if cannabis was to be legalised.

So what do we spend nearly £900m on each year?

Given that it is an offence to possess, consume, grow, buy or sell cannabis, if you are caught then the costs start here. Cannabis is the UK’s most popular illegal drug with 30% of England and Wales having admitted trying cannabis at least once and over 10 million users it is clear to see why this law is working well for tax revenue. 

So if you are caught in a cannabis related offence and have to spend time in custody, like the 6,924 people did in 2016 then that would be £3.1m well spent for 83,088 hours or £37.31 every hour. That is without prosecution and all of the other expenses that it would cost to send this victim to prison. In 2018 there were over 1,000 people serving time for cannabis offences costing £50m. This is only one side of the coin.

If we were to look at the money that could be saved in healthcare costs we could save the NHS over £100m each year. The amount that could be saved in two areas where every penny counts and are in much need of this revenue is immense. Is it not time for the government to start cutting costs in these areas and start saving money to save the UK economy? Or are you quite happy making a fortune out of innocent and sick people who choose a natural life at the taxpayers expense?

If you want to join a UK based organisation who have made it their mission to fight for our freedom then please head over to the WTU (We The Undersigned) website and join their facebook group.