CBD Rescue cream - Product review

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CBD Rescue cream - Product review

N. Abbott - Suffers from PTSD, Depression, anxiety, stress and skin inflammation.

Product: Canabidol CBD Rescue cream

canabidol cbd rescue cream from help me hemp

The CBD rescue cream from Help Me Hemp, produced by Canabidol, really did rescue me. I am in my mid 20’s and have suffered mentally with PTSD, depression and anxiety. I have used cannabis in the past to deal with the trauma from previous relationships and I found it a really effective coping mechanism. Without knowing, I was using something that was helping me to fight a war with my own mind. Since then I have learned about cannabis and how it can help with a range of conditions, including mine.

“I suffer mentally with PTSD, depression and anxiety. I have used cannabis to help fight a war in my own head.”


As I became more aware and discovered the possible effects of CBD I really started to look into using it. I tried some oil but I really did not like the taste. I became more eager to use CBD to help with my conditions. The medication I was prescribed had an adverse effect on me and I really did not like the side effects. Aside from my mental conditions, I also suffer from skin conditions and when I fell pregnant with my second child I had a really bad flare with my skin, especially on my face. I started to look for some cream and discovered a product which was a miracle and was safe to use through my pregnancy!

When my mental health is affected, as with most women, we really do get emotional. With my added issues I can get extremely low and anxious, often experiencing flashbacks from my PTSD. I was only looking for a cream, but I soon realised, that this was so much more than a skin cream. This cream could help with not only my stretch marks and skin flares, but it could help bring a bit of mental release throughout my pregnancy.

After receiving my Rescue cream, I immediately had a warm shower, dried and applied a small amount to my face. Being warm still, helps the CBD absorb better into the bloodstream. I was not expecting any immediate effects but upon settling down and after a couple of hours in front of the TV my face did feel softer. I woke up the next morning, subconsciously reaching for my cream and applied a small amount to my face again. With my senses heightened in the morning I really noticed the smell emitted from the cream. The smell seemed to clear my cloudy mind that I experience most mornings. Within a few minutes I felt fresh, energised and ready to start the day. The terpenes in this cream alone give this cream a distinct smell and brings an uplifting sensation which is great for anxiety and depression.

After a few days of using this cream, I really started to see my flare ease and also my skin looked healthier and felt softer. My head also started to feel clearer and my mental health was becoming controllable. There was one night I was suffering with a headache and I just reached for the rescue cream, applied a small amount to each temple on my forehead and found relief within minutes. It really is called Rescue cream for a reason. A hero for most problems.