Help Me Hemp 420 Sale

Its that time of year again. A day where cannabis consumers globally get together and enjoy the plant freely.

Although it is still illegal here in the UK, the 20th of April is recognised by the police and most of the meetings do not get disrupted.

So whether your meeting on a field or chilling with some buddies we have some deals that will grab your attention like the smell from a smoking joint first thing in the morning.

Grab yourself a CannaTee and save 20% or you can split your discount and donate 10% to either the WTU or the SEEDOURFUTURE campaign.

42021 - You Save 20%

42021WTU - You save 20% WTU gain 20%

42021SOF - You save 20% SOF gain 20%

This applies to all products from our range and will not work with other products or products where we donate all profits such as the SeedOurFuture CannaTee.

Codes active from 16.4.21 - 21.4.21