Help Me Hemp are passionate about cannabis and we are focused on educating people about the benefits and risks associated with cannabis. We understand the confusion and the controversy surrounding cannabis and we want more people to learn the history and the science behind this fascinating plant.

We started as a small online social media support group, set up by a patient who had given up on pharmaceutical treatment. The journey he took was a holistic one and looking at his illness from another perspective he found many things, including cannabis, was really helping him deal with this.

The only issue with this is cannabis was, and currently still is, illegal here in the UK. Medically prescriptions can be made but for the vast amount of people this is impossible to obtain in the UK, unless you have the money to pay highly overpriced fees. For more info on how to obtain medical cannabis you can read our blog.

However, people were still interested, the CBD movement started and as it is a legal cannabinoid currently in the UK, it was the only legal option for a cannabis product for many people. This led to a lot of confusion, along with a lot of "snake oil sales", social media was flooded with new CBD products every day and that's when Help Me Hemp wanted to help filter out these unreliable and untrustworthy brands.

Our educational and informative blogs have helped many people over the years and our own continued research and educational courses are continuing to strengthen us as a company. We now want to teach more people about more benefits from mother nature in hope that we can better our lives as well as the planet which we inhabit.

Why are we called Help Me Hemp, and not Help Me Cannabis?

Our name represents the history of cannabis. Although we mainly talk about cannabis being super beneficial for our health, it would possibly not have been here if it was not for hemp. We also wanted to highlight the stigma that has been attached with the word cannabis, people would rather start talking to use about hemp because it is much easier on their ears and their minds.

Not sure on the difference between Hemp and Cannabis? Check out one of our first ever blogs for Hemp.