Alun Buffry

alun buffry
Born in Wales 1950, moved to Norwich 1968, graduated in Chemistry at UEA 1971. Started my travels in 1972, to India, Morocco, Kashmir, Euope and Egypt., Worked for HMP 1991 to 1995, Started writing 1997: Books include ‘"From Dot to Cleopatra, a Concise History of Ancient Egypt" whilst HMP, then "All Abut My Hat The Hippy Trail 1972’, “The Prison Years’, ‘Damage and Humanity in Custody’, “Out of Joint 20 Years of Campaigning for Cannabis’, ‘Myhat in Egypt Through The Eyes of a God’, “The Effie Enigma The Motherless Mothers’, ‘Inside My Hat and Other Heads’ with others. In 1997, encouraged the Late Howard Marks to stand for Pariamnent in four constituencies and in 1999 co-founded the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) which had candidates in over 80 elections; stood in the General Election in 2001, in Norwich South against then Home Secretary Charles Clarke and gained over 600 votes. Left the LCA in 2011 after the party decided to elect a leader whom he did not support, but contnued campaigning for cannabis independently until this day and beyond! Now 70 years of age, slowed down and become acarer, although still travelling, writing and publishing when possible. Joyful living peace, a follower of Prem Rawat for almost 50 years.
You can buy some of Alun's fantastic work on Amazon.
His recent book Words of Weed and Wisdom features some great work from cannabis activists, advocates and enthusiasts. In a recent post to promote his book Alun wrote.


'My Life of Joy' is a personal memoir of pics of myself, family and friends over the last 70 years and from even before that, along with some of my writing. It is a very personal treasure for me and I don't expect many people to buy it, even though they may be in it!

'And There I Was" is another collection of photographs of places that I have visited and enjoyed over the last 50 years or so, in Europe, India and Nepal, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Again I don't expect many people to buy it as it is more personal to me.

I am writing this to say that I think that life ought not be just about what happens to us, it ought to be about how we react to it.

Life is basically about finding Joy, Peace, Freedom, Love and Appreciation and if we wait until the world is just the way (we think) we want it to find those feeling, we may never find them for long. But if we realise that those feelings are within and simply sparked off when things go right, and seek to find that experience within, we really can have a life of Joy.

I have total gratitude for he man that showed me how to find that place within, now almost 50 years ago. His name is Prem Rawat. He was once known as Guru Maharaji. Thank you Prem.