Cannabis Awareness Course

Help Me Hemp are working with our local authorities to help deliver a course for the local community to enlighten them on cannabis.

We are educating a wide range of the community on the different aspects of cannabis whilst helping them gain access to a legal market. 

We will deliver the project to people who use cannabis for medical reasons and show them the options they currently have.

We will continue to pressure the government for a change in the law regarding cannabis but in the meantime we want to point people into the direction of a legal route.

The younger community will also be educated about the risks associated with cannabis due to its legal status and the county line gangs who operate.

Help Me Hemp what to deliver a diversion programme for young cannabis offenders as we believe education is key and punishment does not work.

We are hoping that our course will receive funding and we will hear by July 2021 if Help Me Hemp will go ahead with the course.

The Course will be held here.

If you are local please show your interest. The course was recently mentioned on Thurrock Nub News which has generated interest.

You can pre book your place but please note if we do not receive funding we will not be able to run the course this year.