CBD Products

We are passionate about cannabis product including CBD, after all this is what has helped our founders, not only with their health condition but also through helping educate others about the product. 

Unfortunately, the current situation surrounding cannabis products, and even the legal CBD has lead to payment providers such as PayPal, from not accepting transactions.

We are currently on the hunt for a payment provider, but in the meantime you would need to take an alternative payment.

If you want to purchase CBD products, please give our friendly sales team a call on

0203 488 5319 

We have a great range of products from a trusted and reliable supplier. After our own research and finding certain brands were effective through research, we can point you in the right direction of a product that suits you.

Currently, due to our current payment provider, we are unable to offer you these great products through our store. We can however, process orders over the phone with your payment card or pay an invoice which will be sent to you or pay by bank transfer (BACS).

If you would rather have someone call or email you then please leave your details in the form below.