It has been often said that there is insufficient evidence that cannabis can help treat a condition.

Even though it is well known that it was used thousands of years as a medicine to treat a variety of illnesses in both adults and children.

Now that many countries have relaxed or changed the laws around cannabis we are seing this research and evidence in abundance.

Here are some links to some recent research that has been done and also the evidence bundle compiled by research from seed our future and We The Undersigned campaigns, showing how the prohibition of cannabis is more harmful than good.

The Evidence 

Study: Long-Term Cannabis Use Associated With Reduced Symptoms In Patients With PTSD

Cannabis Reduces Suicidal Thoughts In Patients With PTSD

 Cannabis Compound removes Alzheimer's protein from the brain

Cannabis is useful for Chrinic pain management

Cannabinoids for Alzheimer's 

 CBD does not impair driving

CBD increases blood flow to the brain

THC Prevents Colon Cancer in mice

Inhaled Cannabis Reduced OCD symptoms

Using Cannabis Whilst Pregnant Does Not Impair Children's Cognition