Canabidol™ CBD Oil Refined

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This multi award-winning Refined Cannabis Oil is our best-selling oil, perfect if you are interested in experiencing the full potential of CBD without the strong scent and flavour of hemp. This refined premium CBD extract is THC-free, 100% organically grown and free of artificial additives. Available in multiple strengths. Canabidol™ Cannabis CBD Oil is their best tasting and best-selling CBD oil supplement, its highly refined formula meets the exacting standards required by pharmacists and healthcare professionals. Perfect for all users. Cannabis CBD Oil Refined Developed with our premium Cannabis sativa L. extract enriched with hundreds of cannabis terpenes. When buying Canabidol™ Cannabis CBD Oil, you can rest assured knowing that your oil is consistent, compliant and manufactured to the highest of standards. Our products are produced by highly skilled cannabis scientists in our very own laboratories based here in the United Kingdom. Ingredients: 99.8% Cannabis sativa L., 0.2% Natural Terpene Flavourings.
  • 250mg - Half (0.5ml) a pipette of 250mg delivers 13mg of CBD
  • 500mg - Half (0.5ml) a pipette of 500mg delivers 25mg of CBD
  • 1000mg - Half (0.5ml) a pipette of 1000mg delivers 50mg of CBD
  • 2000mg - One quarter (0.25ml) of a pipette of 2000mg delivers 50mg of CBD

How much CBD Oil can I take?

Dosage frequency and amounts are at the user’s discretion, with a maximum daily dose of 70mg of CBD. If you are a new users of CBD, we recommended starting on a low dose and gradually build up your strength and/or dose over time.