PieceMaker™ Kwack™ - The Rubber Duck Bong

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Let’s go back to having rubber ducks in our bath, or maybe just the one, the Kwack.

This brilliant design, brought to you by piecemaker, is a must have for anyone who likes a truly relaxing bath.

This little duck weighs in at 187g (7oz) and is 6 inches (14cm) in length, making it the perfect floating bath buddy.

This silicone duck has a stainless steel bowl, with an integrated mesh, which is easy to clean and saves having to replace the gauzes each time. With the head being an easily removable mouth piece and the rear end being the carb hole, it certainly is an interesting bath experience.

With the unique HEX-TEK design, more bubbles are produced, allowing for a very chilled smoke.

  • Length 160mm
  • Height 120mm
  • Width 110mm
  • Removable Head (mouthpiece)
  • ’HEX-TEK’ Diffuser drop pipe
  • Built in metal gauze
  • ’Ergonomic’ Carb hole
  • Floats perfectly

This is a special item, and ordered in limited quantities from America, Please allow 48 hours before dispatch. We will keep you updated with tracking.